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Nine Square

Nine Square is Architectural and vastu shastra consultancy firm based in Mumbai-India and is managed by professional Architects and vastu consultants since march 1990.

Vaastu Shastra is a very old Indian science of Architecture designed by our sages and rishis for the welfare of the entire human race. Its knowledge enables us to get benefits of mental peace, good health, success and wealth. It shows us the path to lead happy and prosperous life. The energies of a place can not only be found but also channelized for general wellness, success and positive thinking. We apply our years of understanding of energy through DOWZING and AURA reading and find the energies and their nature that is required for your needs. Accordingly we suggest our solutions.

We have undertaken various successful projects as Architects, Interior Designers and Vaastu Consultants across India and abroad including malls, commercial premises, residential buildings, resorts, bungalows, factories etc. Our wide ranging clients include film personalities, sportsmen, businessmen, professionals.

At a professional level we design the projects as per the Vaastu to its last detail and ensure maximum positive benefits to our clients. We choose to pass on the benefits of our knowledge to the common man both by educating him on Vaastu and enabling him to adhere to the principles of positive living and high thinking through the magical powers of Vaastu.

Ninesquare as the name suggests specialize in making the Square of Nine i.e. 81 squares work for solution seekers.


Vaastu - If you have already built the space we provide vaastu solutions. These are very simple and cost-effective solutions that greatly impact lives. Our solutions do not need you to rebuild or alter the structures in any way.

Interiors - If you are in process of construction we can provide you with the Interior Consultation to help you comply it with Vaastu.

Architecture services -Our vast experience in making ideal plans from Design to Built in structure with solutions that suit your style and budget would ensure all compliances are completely taken care of. In short, we provide single window architectural solutions to all your needs.

In addition, we also take projects related to Town planning, factory planning, residence planning etc

We provide all of the above services both on site and off site including all modes of communication.


In order to get the maximum benefits of Vaastu, we suggest some cost effective changes that help improve your living. In order achieve this ,

1. Harmony of all energies with its surroundings plays an important role in Vaastu. We balance it in the house, structure and buildings. This removes all the obstructions on the way to your success both for you and your family in personal as well as business life.

2. In suggesting the above changes we ensure there is no structural change to the house / business premises.

3. Small changes with big impact is the policy we follow. Hence there are minimum changes suggested within the house/premises. This enable us to convert the negative energy to positive energy with help of some vaastu remedial methods such as small mirrors, silver, gold, copper yantra's etc.

4. We also suggest some colour thearphy, paintings and murals as per the vaastu which maximize benefits to you and your family staying with you.

5. We also assist you to selection of the house,/business premises /agricultural/industrial land as per the vaastu.


We provide consultancy services both in India and abroad. Wherever required as per the request of clients we do conduct onsite visits and offer consultancy services. Our clients include business personalities, bollywood actors, and politicians from across the spectrum, sugar factories, bungalows/penthouses/houses owned by industrialists, large format retail showrooms, hospitals, airports etc both in India and abroad.

We offer online and off line consultancy as well. Here we use the internet to best effect for our clients where we guide them online on the various vaastu queries. We also do the TELEPATHY VASTU i.e. long distance vaastu on telephone but with prior appointment. We suggest remedies on the plans you submit after analyzing the energies of your premises.

Professional fee will be charged as per the layouts and will be informed through emails/phone/sms.


Address :
203/204 2nd floor, Municipal Retail Market, next to Cafe Coffee Day, next to Greater Bank, J B Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400059, Maharashtra, India

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Devendra : 091 9820953966
Shrikant : 091 9892175527

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